Mikael Tyrsen
Creative Director
Mikael, the the son of a computer engineer, hails from Stockholm, Sweden. Growing up surrounded by computers and amazing Scandinavian design, it’s not surprising that by the age of 14, he was creating graphics using Photoshop (version 4.0) and a Wacom tablet (first generation). A career in computer design seemed inevitable until he was waylaid by a stint as a world-champion pro Call of Duty game player. When he hung up his virtual guns, Mikael put his design talents to work creating key art and graphics for theatrical releases. In 2006, he made the move to Los Angeles to work for the award winning firm, Stockholm Design. During his tenure, Mikael designed hundreds of key art movie posters for clients such as Lionsgate, Fox and Warner Brothers. His love of gaming never faded so in 2008, he started game design company Moyo Studios. In no time at all, they were at the forefront of the design, development and marketing of mobile apps on the first smart phones for clients such as Tyra Banks, GEICO and the CW Network. Joining the LA team in 2011, Mikael expanded his creative arsenal to include live action shoots, directing and design for clients such as ABC Family and Disney Channel. Mikael is also Founder and CEO of Umbrella Games, an independent mobile game development company with multiple titles exceeding 10 million total downloads, and two Top 5 titles on the App Store.