Red Cross
Disaster preparedness the Disney way.
Do you have your pillow case, flash light, water and radio? No, this isn’t for a sleepover; it’s for a disaster preparedness kit!
When Disney Channel approached us to create a kid-friendly PSA about disaster preparedness as a part of their long lived “Friends for Change” campaign, we were all about it. This topic can be scary for kids to digest so we wanted to create a spot that delivered the disaster preparedness message in a fun, light and conversational way. Having the super talented Cameron Boyce, star of Disney Channel’s hit show “Jessie,” as a part of the cast was a total win for us. We shot this PSA in a gorgeous house in the San Fernando Valley on a 100 degree day but the heat didn’t get us down. We had a blast with the entire cast & crew and created a spot that was well received by all parties involved.
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