Disney Vacation Club
Revealing Disney’s Polynesian Resort and Villas
We were tapped once again to bring a fresh take and a new look at Disney’s Polynesian Villas and Bungalows at the Walt Disney World Resort. This Full Length show (with accompanying Promo) was shot in a very compact and busy 3 days, covering over 16 locations and in some very intense Central Florida mid-summer heat and humidity.
INDUSTRY: Tourism WORK: Live Action / Editorial
This time around, to bring a real and authentic feel to the show, REAL moms Kate and Juliette were brought on board to show viewers the recently remodeled resort and the recent addition of the Disney Vacation Club Villas and Bungalows. Concepted and shot ala “Anthony Bourdain” style, to retain a true sense of realism, our mom hosts were completely unscripted and only had some general direction as a guide. …And many of you have just stopped to say to yourselves: “Real Moms as your talent? …No script? …Production Nightmare!!!!” But it turned out to be nothing but the opposite. Kate & Juliette were both delightful and remained their natural selves when the cameras rolled. After distilling many hours of great footage to craft a fun, tight storyline that would appeal to both viewers and our client, the final product is evidence of an entertaining and informative show that just might make you want to become a Disney Vacation Club member too!